A community church in North Andover, Massachusetts

Out Of My Mind – November News

I write this on October 9, so some of the following will be guesses, educated or otherwise. A few matters are already happening or have already happened, so I’ll start with them.

The biggest news in our church since our last Open Door newsletter is the election of officers by the Pastoral Search Committee. They are planning their first regular meeting on Wednesday, October 16, so please keep that date and meeting in prayer.

Their deliberations for the entire process will be guided by a sort of manual created to help churches seek and find settled pastors. So, again please pray that God will give the committee members the insights they’ll need to work together for the church.

We also held our annual church-wide retreat on the last Saturday of September. We want to thank everyone who was responsible, the Deacons who arranged the morning snacks and lunch, Steve who prepared the room, our presenter Judy, and, of course, everyone who attended and contributed ideas and concerns.

The process of calling a new pastor can be intimidating, and that’s why it is good for us to work toward that goal as a church, even people who are not actual committee members. We need every voice, every idea, every hope and most of all every prayer.

I’ll close with something a bit personal I wrote to the church council for their September 29 meeting, something I’d like the entire congregation to know: It’s hard to believe it has already been four and a half months (now 5 months) since I began this journey with you. There have been many in the church who have helped me learn a lot about this church and its situation, and I want to thank them. I have also learned how much I don’t know, and ask your understanding as together we grow and move on, seeking God’s intentions for this congregation.


Pastor Rob Branch, interim