A community church in North Andover, Massachusetts

Out Of My Mind – February 2021

I probably said this last year, but I think it bears repeating: Ground Hog Day should be a national holiday. I’ve thought that since I first started reading the comic strip “Pogo,” when I was nine or so. (Yeah, I’m REALLY dating myself.) Just to have a holiday for no specific purpose except to celebrate a grumpy rodent waking up. And I’m sure the idea will never fly.

Most years, February gives us the worst winter weather, but at least this year, it appears we’ll be having both our in-sanctuary and on-line services. But if the weather necessitates canceling the sanctuary service, we’ll still be able to gather on line. So far, as you know, the winter has been fairly mild, but you never know with New England weather.

I write this before the January Church Council meeting, which you remember is filling in for what would have been the Annual Meeting. With the COVID bouncing back with a vengeance, it was wise to postpone that church meeting until it becomes safer. The annual report is available at the Callard House, in the church narthex, and I’m sure a copy can be mailed to you if you have not already received one. The reports of the different committees and boards indicate a church that is not going to roll over, but is still seeking and finding ways to be God’s people and participate in his ministries.

Perhaps the most important news we have as a church these days is the progress of our Search Committee as they finish our profile, prepare to meet candidates and then actually to interview candidates. Please, keep the committee in prayer constantly. And also the church itself. The most difficult part in the entire process is the face-to-face (if even on line) getting acquainted with the candidates, coming to know them and discerning God’s will. We cannot pray too much or too often.

There is another matter I would ask everyone to hold up in prayer, the speedy distribution of the vaccine against the COVID. It appears the only way life will return to normal is by the effective inoculation of the greatest number of people. Truly, we should ask for God-speed in the matter.

Pastor Rob Branch, interim