A community church in North Andover, Massachusetts


Easter 2022

I am the resurrection and the lifeJohn 11:25

Dear Friends,

This is our first Easter together. How exciting that is! Looking back at John 20: 1 – 29, we have the wonderful story of Jesus appearing first to Mary and then to the disciples. Over the past two years with a raging pandemic, I think we can all appreciate Mary’s feeling of being utterly alone. We can also well understand the disciples locked in a room together for fear of what might come at them from the outside. We have felt locked away and isolated too.

Easter 2021

Thine is the glory,
Risen conquering Son!
Endless is thy victory
Thou o’er death has won!

In the spring we see plants coming back to life with new green growth, and flowers, and the sweet scents of warmer air and sun. We see the birds and woodland critters becoming more active, some even after an entire winter’s sleep.

He Is Risen

And go quickly and tell His disciples that He is Risen

Matthew 28:7

Dear Friends,

The above verse from Matthew’s gospel references what the women who went to Jesus’ burial place were told to do by an angel they met there. So the Easter message was about going and telling that Jesus had “risen” and that message came via an encounter with what were clearly spiritual beings. The rest of the story in Matthew tells us the women went from the tomb with fear and joy. Well … yeah! Fear of the unknown (I mean strange beings) and joy that Jesus, their teacher and friend, wasn’t dead anymore.