A community church in North Andover, Massachusetts

Why Become a Church Member?

There are many Bible verses praising the virtues of believers being in fellowship with each other in an important, covenanted relationship, what we know as church membership today. Over 150 years ago, our very own church congregation organized itself into such a covenant community, a community in agreement one might say, united together by fellowship, accountability, encouragement, cooperation, and mutual support in ministry. The caring church fellowship we have today arises out of those initial meetings back in the 1870s, when the founding members committed themselves to spreading the good news of Jesus Christ in the community, growing strong disciples in each new generation, keeping our Christian ministry vital, and much more. Since then, many hundreds of faithful believers joined this congregation and did their part to promote and support this beautiful community church’s health, first in Lawrence and now in North Andover.

What we will become in the years ahead depends upon our own diligence in proclaiming and living out the gospel, nurturing our church’s health in the process. Since our church is governed and supported by its own membership, and not our denomination or association, it falls entirely to our membership’s commitment to each other in covenanted fellowship to maintain this church family.

We encourage all our friends who attend and participate in our congregation and its ministries to take up church membership—to join First-Calvary Baptist Church. We want to encourage congregational ownership of all vital church matters and decision-making. We want you to help steer this church’s course into the future and continue the mentorship that passes our faith and our church down to the next generation.

To accomplish this lofty goal, we encourage all non-members to pray and to seek God’s leading about joining our church. Church membership is offered to baptized Christians, those who have just been baptized in our church, members transferring from another Christian church, and through Christian experience (professing faith in Jesus Christ and living out that faith in Christian service), all of whom are willing to bond with the congregation in love, personal support, accountability, and financial backing of this church’s mission. In return, members are responsible for voting on church matters and may hold the highest elected offices. In every case, we promise our love and our loyalty to each other, called together and guided by God’s Holy Spirit.

If you wish to learn more about church membership, please contact the pastor or a member of our Deacon’s Board.

– Based on the message of Rev. James M. Leonard